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A dishwasher takes over the reins of Rib Ranch. In 1971, just one year after the original Rib Ranch opened its doors in Sepulveda, California, a 16 year old Van Nuys High School student Mike Ignelzi donned an apron and went to work as a dishwasher. Identical twins Lenny and Bernie Kahn, the original owners of the Rib Ranch, served up dish after dish of the most succulent ribs and chicken that the valley had ever tasted. While Mike scrubbed the kitchen clean, he quickly learned the secrets of a delicious barbecue sauce and the fine art of hand cutting and slow roasting meat.

In 1973 a pretty 15 year old Taft High School freshman by the name of Jeri joined the new Rib Ranch, located in Woodland Hills on Topanga Canyon Boulevard just south of Ventura Boulevard, as its first waitress. When the dishwasher, now cook, met the waitress a lifetime partnership was born.

In 1991 Lenny and Bernie decided to pass the torch of the successful and uniquely special eatery to Mike and Jeri, husband and wife with three young daughters, Michelle, Nicole and Rachel. Having spent years in finance and accounting and still having barbecue sauce in his blood, Mike, now owner, threw on the apron again with enthusiasm. He perfected the foundation for today’s Rib Ranch that is still located in Woodland Hills, California.

Now fast forward, Michelle, Nicole and Rachel are all grown up and helping out the family business that’s still thriving better than ever. Whether it’s backyard parties or business events, let Rib Ranch bring the barbecue to you! Our custom barbecues are hooked up to our wagons to cater any event you can dream up. We’ll cook up Succulent Eastern Baby Back Pork Ribs, Meaty Black Angus Beef Ribs, Tender BBQ Mesquite Tri-Tip and Flavorful BBQ Chicken and more….

All of us at the Rib Ranch BBQ hope you’ll enjoy your meal so much that you’ll lick your plate clean! After all, if you do we’ll know you really enjoyed your food and it’ll be one less dish for Mike to wash!